Calle Loiza Jazz Project

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Jazz Week Top 50 Ranking #22 - 3/23/2020


Raul Da Gama 

Latin Jazz Network

”…. this is an album of music that many would give an arm and a leg to be a part of.”

Jonathan Widran - The JW Vibe

“…. Latin jazz fans who like wild and colorful melodic, harmonic and rhythmic surprises in their ensembles might not need to know the history behind the freewheeling, constantly punch-packing gathering Calle Loiza Jazz Project to fully engage and enjoy …. Every moment is pretty much an ear-popping, toe tappin’ highlight”


Dick Metcalf, editor - Contemporary Fusion Reviews


“…. Stirring jazz standards …. This band is brand new to me, but Calle Loíza Jazz Project plays some of the most stirring jazz standards I’ve heard ….I give the Calle Loíza Jazz Project a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this most listenable album.”



Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine - CD Reviews


“…. This truly magical album then rounds out with the upbeat, carnival feel of 'In Your Own Sweet Way' …. Thelonious Monk's 'Well You Needn’t' and 'There Will Never Be Another You.’”

Tom Haugen - Take Effect Reviews


“…. An extremely well crafted reunion, the Calle Loiza Jazz Project know their way around a Latin jazz tune while keeping their Puerto Rican heritage close to the surface at all times. Let’s hope it isn’t 3 more decades before they release another record, cause their unique and timeless approach is certainly very appreciated.“



Midwest Record - Entertainment Reviews, News, and Views


“…. Playing a set of classics easy to call off, this bunch has no dust on them as they raise the temperature and make you sweat.  Muy caliente!”



Tom Henry - The Toledo Blade


“…. It’s a solid, enjoyable album that helps highlight Puerto Rican music.”



Mike Greenblat - The Aquarian

“…. This is certainly one way to inject dated old chestnuts with new life….. Bravo!”

Angel Romero - World Music Central

“…. Calle Loíza Jazz Project includes some of Puerto Rico’s finest jazz musicians.”



Dee Dee McNeil - Musical Memoirs


“…. Each of these standards is splashed with Latin rhythms, played by technically astute musicians and conjuring up high energy.”



Grady Harp - Amazon Reviews


“…. Calle Loíza Jazz Project …. presents this recording that reinvents old standards in a completely fresh Puerto Rican way .… A small ensemble makes big sounds – a unique entry into the jazz realm” 



Jim Hynes - Making a Scene


“…. For that rare jazz lover that doesn’t often venture into Latin jazz, this provides a nice bridge as all the tunes here are well-known standards. Either way, Puerto Rican jazz is alive and well and this (recording) appeals to just about anyone with a pulse and an ear for stimulating music.”