Xavier Barreto is a jazz and Latin Jazz flutist from the town of Isabela, Puerto Rico. He began his musical training at the Arecibo School of Music and continued at the University of Puerto Rico with a concentration in music performance.

From 2004 to 2011, Xavier began performing salsa, bomba and plena extensively throughout Europe performing mostly in folk music festivals from France to the Netherlands and Germany, then to Istanbul and Egypt. Then in 2011, he performed in Germany, Belgium and Holland and in 2014 in Mexico City. In 2015, he performed with his group Sabor Boricua in Poland, Spain and Bosnia Herzegovina. He performed with his group, Xavier Barreto y En Su Punto in Belgrade, Serbia. Then in 2019, he performed in Paris with Sabor Boricua.

In the Puerto Rico jazz scene he performs with groups such as Sol Creciente, Terra Nostra, Sound Jazz, Hologram Jazz Collective, Mosaic and Xavier Barreto y En Su Punto. In Puerto Rico he has performed with his group in the Mayagüez Jazz Fest, the Ponce Jazz Fest and the Heineken Jazz Fest.

In 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia, Xavier performed Latin Jazz frequently in a trio with Andre Avelino and Mark Monts de Oca. It was as a result of this collaboration that Mark requested the participation of Xavier for this Latin Jazz project. His performances were iconic not only providing a rich, warm sound playing the melody unison with Mark on Stolen Moments and Dolphin Dance but also providing rich soloing in an afro cuban style for the descarga improvisations at the end of several of the songs. In the end, Xavier’s participation was essential in creating that rich, warm sound that gives Calle Loiza Jazz Project a unique, unmistakable identity.